What does one write on the first blog page of your first ever webpage at the age of 65?

Well, I’ve become quite captured by the stories of peoples lives  …… here we are, all walking around on the planet living our lives, day by day, year by year, surrounded by family and friends, just doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and in the end, or by the middle, what does it all amount to? Who are we? What is our story?

What cards were we dealt, how good or bad a hand did we get in the roulette of birth,

…. place, time and parents?

What landscape did we grow up in? Where was ‘home’?

Who were the cast of characters that surrounded us in our childhood?

How did we progress into adolescence and beyond? Gracefully, awkwardly …. ?

Were we healthy? wealthy?

What achievements, or disappointments?

We are such rich troves of life experience, and we are the true experts on ourselves, and no one knows us like we do, so lets make a record of that ‘truth’ so that its not lost …

Lets do Guided Autobiography, not alone, but with others, writing about life major themes, and then comparing notes and stories, to witness each others lives, and to be heard and witnessed by others. It works, it really works with some care and attention,

and that is what I hope i can help you do

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